Section 10 of Articles of Association regarding SEAProTI-Certified Practitioners

The Southeast Asian Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (SEAProTI) in Thailand has the responsibility of creating and maintaining strict national criteria for language professionals in Thailand and other member countries. Thailand currently does not have any regulations pertaining to licensed translators and interpreters.

SEAProTI has exclusive authority, as per a memorandum of understanding with country members and the Department of Provincial Administration (DoPA) of the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Thailand, to grant certifications to translators and interpreters seeking to offer professional language services in Thailand.

In November 2023, a supplement was placed to Section 10 of the Articles of Association of SEAProTI, namely regarding the clause related to the translator's stamp and translation certification practices. The purpose of the addition is to establish the translator's stamp as an officially recognized and validated standard representation and to clarify the procedures involved in its implementation.

Section 10: 

Provision for Translator's Stamp and Translation Certification

47. The document has the official stamp of the Southeast Asian Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (SEAProTI) and is certified as a correct, accurate, and trusted translation.

The association has established the following standards for qualified translators and translation certification providers to provide the "Certified Correct Translation" stamp:

47.1 Once the user or stakeholders have confirmed the accuracy and authenticity of the translated document, the complete translation must be comprehensible to all parties involved. After the translation is completed, it must be confirmed by a translator who holds a SEAProTI certification. Following this, the certification provider will attach the translator's stamp. "Certified Correct Translation" (if the document is translated from a foreign language into Thai) or "รับรองสำเนาถูกต้อง" (if the document is translated from Thai into a foreign language).

47.2 In cases where a "Certificate of Translation" from a translator recognized by SEAProTI is necessary, the translator must confirm and validate the translation by utilizing the designated "Certificate of Translation" form provided by the association. The form should have a longer and more extensive vocabulary than that present in the translator stamp.

48. The "Certified Correct Translation" stamp is a symbol of the official certification and excellent translations produced by SEAProTI-recognized translators. These translations adhere to academic and professional translation criteria at the global level. SEAProTI-certified translators comply with international standards and follow the professional ethics and principles established for translation certification providers and certified translators. The translator's stamp must have the following elements to certify the quality and level of the translation:

  • Linguistic pairs that allow for translation
  • Occupational title (translator)
  • Imprinted with a certain date
  • The preservation of anonymity inside a professional organization in the local language
  • The quantity of translated papers from the SEAProTI system is equivalent to the quantity of the original document.
  • Attach the translator's signature to the paper.
  • The certified translator's degree of authority may be verified using the SEAProTI database.
  • Professional identification number
  • The requested information pertains to the specific date on which authority was granted to translate and certify the translation according to the commission's requirements.
  • Additionally, it is necessary to provide the English designation of the professional association.

The translated documents will have an impact on the certification of translation standards. Therefore, compliance with the document translation rules established by the organization depends on the use of the seal, which acts as the certification mark. If the translator seal, which acts as a certification mark, is not used by the association's norms for translation practices, it will be concluded that the translation does not meet the certification requirements for translation.

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