Beginner's Guide to Hiring a Translation Agency

When hiring a translation agency, or any service provider, the most important thing to remember is to make sure you’re getting what you need at the price you’re paying. This may seem obvious, but it can be easy to lose sight of when there are so many services out there advertising their own strengths and promising fantastic results. Rather than falling victim to these common marketing tricks, keep this beginner’s guide to hiring a translation agency handy as you search for your perfect match in order to get the best value for your dollar.

Finding a translation agency

To hire a translation agency, you’ll want to find an agency that specializes in your industry. You may also want to look for an agency that has experience translating content from your native language into English. If you’re looking for general translations and don’t care about your topic being industry-specific, you can choose any agency, but be aware they may not have much experience with your topic. Also make sure to keep a record of every agency you speak with so you can compare them later on. I recommend interviewing three agencies at a time as it can be very time consuming; some people will do more interviews than others based on how many possible candidates there are in their area. 

How to work with a translation agency

If you're looking for some advice on how to work with translation agencies, here are a few tips that can help. In today's increasingly connected world, hiring professional translation services has become an invaluable business practice for companies in all industries. With businesses relying more and more on e-commerce and foreign markets, being able to effectively translate your product or service into international languages is paramount. If you have not done business internationally before, working with a translation agency may be something you are considering now or in the near future. However, you probably do not know where to start. This guide will give you some pointers on what to expect from your local translation company.

How much does it cost? In addition to pricing structures based on word count (per word) or page count (per page), there is also a charge for revisions which usually averages about $20-$50 per round of editing/proofreading/rewriting, depending upon volume and extent of changes requested. 

tips on hiring translators

With hundreds of translation agencies scattered across the globe, it can be hard for small business owners like you to know where to start. We’ve outlined some tips on hiring professional translation services below. Hopefully these tips will help you cut through all of that noise and find quality translations without breaking your budget. Remember, when considering an agency, think long-term—you want to be sure they’ll still around in five years! Also keep in mind how much content you need translated; more complex texts might require more than one translator and/or more time spent with them (translation isn’t just pushing a button). If your project is particularly urgent or larger than usual (think 300K words), consider using machine translation first, then getting human assistance for final tweaks.


No matter what type of content you’re producing, always be sure to include these components. In doing so, you will create top-notch and easy-to-understand content that everyone can enjoy. By adhering to an outline when creating new material, you will ensure your ideas are expressed in a clear and concise manner. Remember: A well thought out piece is far more persuasive than one thrown together haphazardly without forethought.


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