How to become a SEAProTI-certified member with Level-1 certification

To become a SEAProTI-certified member with Level-1 certification, you must complete the following steps:

To meet the eligibility requirements to be eligible for Level-1 certification, you must:

  • Have at least two years of experience in translation or interpreting (full-time)
  • Have a bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as translation, interpreting, or languages. If you don't have a degree in these fields, please provide us with your internationally recognized language test results.
  • Complete the required training: SEAProTI offers a variety of training programs for translators and interpreters, including a 24-hour document translation for beginners that is required for Level-1 certification. (Optional for those without employment experience)

If you are successful in completing all of these steps, you will be awarded a SEAProTI Level-1 certification. SEAProTI Level-1 certifications are recognized by employers and organizations throughout Southeast Asia.

Further details for becoming a SEAProTI-certified member with Level-1 certification:

  • A copy of evidence demonstrating that the applicant has never been declared insolvent by a court of law. 
  • Proof of previous 10 assignments (Purchase Order or Tax Withholding Form, etc.) for those freelance applicants or a Certificate of Employment issued by employers for those full-time applicants 
  • A Copy of academic credentials (bachelor's degree in foreign language studies, translation and interpreting studies, or linguistics studies is required)
  • A filled-out application form
  • A Copy of a photo ID or a passport
  • A duplicate of an internationally recognized foreign language proficiency examination
  • A copy of the applicant's background check from the competent authority in their native country. 
  • The fee for a three-year membership is US$70 plus US$30 for mail delivery. (A certified translator will receive a translator's seal, member ID card, and license.) Please request the payment method when you are ready to submit your application. 

All documents that are in the native language of the applicant shall be translated into English. All documents shall be scanned and sent to for preliminary consideration. 

SEAProTI shall strictly treat all documents as confidential. SEAProTI reserves all rights to accept or reject the application.

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